Felt Owl Softies

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Felt Rabbit Softie

I just love this guy’s face!

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Tiny Fleece Jacket with Ruffles

I looked for a pattern for a small springtime jacket for my niece for a while before deciding I could just wing it and make a decent jacket out of fleece. I basically drew a rectangle from her chest measurement and added smaller rectangles at the shoulder using her arm length measurements. When I cut the fleece I put my boxy pattern’s shoulder top on the folded edge and then only had to sew up under the arms and the side seams.

A quick cut down the center a few fleece ruffles later, ta da!

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Felt Banana

Today I made a lovely little banana with a peel. It took some trial and error to come up with a design I liked but still felt sturdy enough to hand over to my niece for nomming. I did mine with felt but the pattern is suitable for fleece or another non-fraying fabric.

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Felt Watermelon

A tiny watermelon slice for your play kitchen.

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