I made this nice purse for my friend’s graduation present…and filled it with a tequila sampler too of course!

I used the Folklore bag pattern from One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Fabric Projects, and added a double-welt pocket from the great pocket tutorials at Ikat Bag.

The blue/brown fabric is a vintage piece I picked up at Sew Fast Sew Easy’s vintage night, run by The Store with No Walls. There were some really great finds there, but I had to leave before I bought all their fabric! I stopped myself after finding four nice patterns, but it was really difficult!

The dark top fabric is actually from an Ikea couch slipcover I got from the giant bins in their AS-IS department. Seriously, if you need a decent sized piece of something sturdy and you’re not super picky on colors it is a great buy.

The only major issue was that I put the magnetic closures in backwards! They have a strong side and a weak side, so they stuck to each other but less firmly than needed for the thick top fabric. I ended up adding a second pair in small pouches made of the teal lining fabric and hand sewn on…during the car ride to the party no less!