1 small piece each of white, black and grey felt.
2. 1 piece dark felt
3. 1 piece light felt

1. Cut out owl pieces from the felt. Two pieces of felt are enough to make two Owls in opposite colors, or you can print the pattern 50% larger to make a jumbo owl.

2. Sew the belly piece to one of the body pieces a shown. You only need to stitch the top edge, the bottom will be done later.

3. Attach the face (the white piece) slightly overlapping the belly. Sew all around.

4. Add the outer eyes (the grey circles) and sew around them with your contrasting thread or embroidery floss as shown.

5. Add the pupils with black thread.

6. Attach the back piece to the front and sew around firmly leaving an opening for your filling.

7. Fill and close your owl. Enjoy!

You can stuff the owl with fiberfill or optionally with plastic beads or rice. If you are filling the owl with rice or beads it is recommended that you make an inner pouch out of scrap fabric to prevent spills and leakage. Keep in mind if you fill your owl with rice he will not be washable, but you can pop him in the microwave for about a minute and use him as a heating pad. Don’t cook him too long or you risk a fire!

If you fill him with beads you can toss him in the laundry for a wash, or hand wash to protect your nice stitches. Depending on your filling he may be able to go for a dryer tumble as well, but check your materials first.