Felt Owl Softies

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Elodie The Elephant

These sweet little guys are from the Elodie the Elephant pattern in One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Fabric Projects.

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Even more big butt baby pants

I just can’t seem to stop making these! I’ve gotten a good system down for it now.

Gift purse – the Folklore bag

I made this nice purse for my friend’s graduation present…and filled it with a tequila sampler too of course!

I used the Folklore bag pattern from One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Fabric Projects, and added a double-welt pocket from the great pocket tutorials at Ikat Bag.

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Rockin’ Big Butt Baby Pants

I think I need a 12-step program to stop making these Big Butt Baby Pants!

The amazing little playhouse!

For my niece’s first birthday, my mother and I put together this adorable card table playhouse from the pattern at Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio. It came out so super cute.

Now I need some reaction shots from my sister, since I wasn’t there when my niece first saw it set up. I am told she was delighted! 😀

Big Butt Baby Pants Take 2

Another adorable pair of Big Butt Baby Pants, this time in the super tiny 3-6 month range.

I even made a tiny tag from the printed edge of the fabric declaring them proudly 100% Organic Cotton. It’s lovely to work with but so expensive I only got half yards, but then didn’t know what to make with it. The baby pants fit a half yard just right though. I could probably make a second pair from the same piece if I made them a bit shorter.

Mother’s Day Totes!

I made tote bags for mine and Russ’s dear mothers this year for mothers day, and I think they turned out lovely!

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iPad Cover

I’ve been issued an iPad at work for development stuff, but was not issued any kind of case for it. I was worried it was going to get scratched up in my tote bag, and tossing it in with the work laptop was less than ideal for the metal surfacing on both devices. Oh dear, whatever shall I do?

Wait a minute…this is an excuse to sew something!!!!

I started with a plan to use this pattern at Dixie Mango and modify it with something to let me open the cover while keeping the iPad secured. I used some super stiff appliqué interfacing and a layer of batting to give it a little squish.
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